How To Build 'King-Like' Swagger & Make Her Submit To You.

She Will Look At You In AWE

I look back & cringe when I think about the man boy, I used to be…

A few years ago my life was spiraling out of control. I had never felt more weak, soft & feminine in my entire life.

At one point I remember my girl looking at me like a WEASEL & I thought to myself…

“How do I get her to see me as a KING?”

“How Do I become Dominant in the bedroom & get her to freely submit to me?”

I’d literally daydream about, ‘What it would feel like to be THE MAN. To have my girl in AWE of me. And to see me as TOP G!’

I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. 

I literally had 0% confidence. And this started to mess with my head in the bedroom…
As a result… I was literally getting limp dick!! (Embarrassing AF) But I’ll discuss that in a few minutes…

Anyways, I searched all over the web for advice on how to gain my sexual energy back & all I got was things like…

'Stand up taller'
'Widen your stance'
'Talk louder'
'Be more nice & sweet'
'Be a gentleman!'
And so I continued to follow this type of advice thinking it would be my saving grace.

…But all it did was make my wife less attracted to my ‘cookie-dough’ ass.

And the #1 thing that took me overboard was when multiple family members would approach my wife & ask her about my sexuality.

Nothing was more humiliating.

I remember my wife got a job working at a hot yoga studio & men would always come in & hit on her. And not just average looking men, I’m talking about athletes, models, CHADS!!

And one time, her co-worker who saw me drop her off at work literally laughed out loud & he said to her, “That’s your husband? HAHA. You married that guy? You could do way better.”

Thankfully my wife has always been a good loyal christian girl & without me even having to ask, she decided to quit & look for a new job.

At this point in my life, I was so confused & frustrated. I didn’t know what to do.

All I wanted was to know what it felt like to be truly masculine. To be a KING in my home. To have my wife sexually turned on by my presence alone.

I wanted to feel confident. To look & feel masculine.

I wanted to be more aggressive & assertive. To be STOIC!!

I wanted respect in social gatherings. I wanted to be seen as a REAL MAN.


I’m watching p*rn every night while my wife is asleep next to me. I did this for years.

Long story short… I admit everything to her because I feel so guilty & I literally have tears running down my face.

Haha, my wife is looking at me like a chump.

Obviously she’s hurt by my actions. But we make an agreement…

She says to me, “Fine. If you ever feel the need to watch it… lets at least watch it together. I don't like you doing it behind my back.”

Not gonna lie, this actually sounded pretty great to me.

We began watching it together.

Fast forward a couple years, we both get addicted to it.

Admittedly, I'm happy she's addicted...
This way I can selfishly continue to feed my addiction!

Things seem to be going great.
I'm getting exactly what I want without the guilt or shame!

Until this happened...

All of the sudden, my wife tells me she 'doesn't want to watch p*rn anymore.'
So we stop cold turkey.

As I try to have sex with her, something terrible happens...

It's nearly impossible for me to get aroused without watching it.
Resulting in half-chub limpy erections!

Unable to get fully hard unless I've got on my favorite p*rnhub video.

Now my wife is sitting here asking me questions like; "Aren't I good enough?"

I'm ashamed. I feel useless. Impotent. Weak. EMASCULATED.

The only time I feel masculine is when I'm in my little fantasy world watching p*rn.

Another couple months goes by. I'm in the darkest place of my life.

People literally think I'm feminine & my wife thinks I'm a ‘wimpy, limp dick man-child’.


I made up my mind.
I thought to myself, "F IT. I’m sick of feeling weak & impotent!”

“I’m done with following all the stupid advice on the internet!”

“I’m done watching p*rn!”

Shortly after, my dad got me a book called, The four pillars of a mans heart.

This book was the start of a new chapter in my life. It was the beginning of my journey to becoming the ultimate king in my home.

The following years I transformed my entire life.

I changed my entire inner circle of friends. I stopped watching ridiculous YouTubers who were giving out terrible advice.

I immersed myself into books & content that would help me to actually embrace my masculinity.

I started connecting with mentors who taught me how to scoop my NUTS & be a real man.

And I started a monthly men's breakfast with my father to teach other men how to do the same.


Little by little, my whole life changed. I finally started to gain some King-Like Swagger.

Within a couple months, my wife noticed a HUGE difference in me. 👇 
I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t an overnight thing. It took a little time & effort. But because I was given the right tools, I was finally able to improve.

I remember the day she literally said… “you’re so masculine”. Word for word.

WOW, I never thought I’d ever hear those words come out of her mouth.

Day by day my wife started looking at me different. She started to gain a new respect for me.

I could see a desire in her eyes that she never once had for me.

She would get aroused just by the sight of me.

& because I totally removed p*rn from my life, I was able to REWIRE MY MIND.


My erections were back. I started gaining sexual masculine energy that I've never had before. I felt like a BEAST. I felt Powerful. I felt Dominant.

And now she began to look at me in AWE in the bedroom.
She was literally submitting to me. It was AMAZING.

I probably shouldn’t say this but ehhh... Whatever, lol it's true...

Bre started telling her close friends extremely intricate details about our sex life & how AMAZING it was.

I don't mean to be so explicit. But I'm only telling you this because in that moment she was genuinely proud of me.


I have to admit it... all this attention felt good. 

Bre & her friends would literally talk about how attractive I was.

The main discussion at family gatherings were about how much more mature I’d become.

Family started to revere me. They started to see me as a man.

It was a crazy feeling. I finally felt like a true TOP G.
Viewers on YouTube were also amazed at my growth:

I Got What I Wanted...

Now as I sit here & write this I can whole heartedly say…

It feels good to be THE MAN. 👑 

It feels good walking into the room & having my wife freely reach into my pants.

It feels good that my wife wants to flaunt me & other women are actually jealous.

If feels good dominating  the bedroom.

It feels good being respected & looked at as a leader everywhere I go.

In fact, it felt so good that I decided to take all the best knowledge I've learned over the last few years & compiled it into a complete masterclass for you.

No BS. Just straight to the point.

Men from all over the world have taken this masterclass & here's what they've said:

What I Went Through To Develop The Masculine Masterclass...

I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of hours immersing myself into books & content that have helped me become my most-masculine self.

I’ve connected with dozens of the worlds Top Men's Life coaches who have taught me EXACTLY what it means to behave & live your life like a real man.

I’ve boughten & taken courses from the best of the best, so I could equip you with the right tools & knowledge.

Learning how to emit pure masculine energy absolutely changed my life.

And I'm on a mission to help men do the EXACT same.
Think about it, how much better would your life be if you fully embraced your masculinity?

• Imagine the women that would respect you.

• Imagine how much more your girl would revere you & submit to you.

• Imagine her eagerly wanting to satisfy all your sexual needs.

• Imagine your friends & family seeing you as a leader opposed to an NPC.

• Imagine your in-laws literally thanking you for being their daughters husband.

• Imagine becoming the best Husband, Father, Brother, Son you could possibly be.

• Imagine a life that flows a little more effortlessly.

• Imagine your grandkid's kids honoring your name for the empire YOU built.

These things can ONLY be achieved when you fully embrace your masculinity...

When You Embrace Your Masculinity,
Life Just Flows...

Your girl respects you.

She's more attracted to you.

She sees you as a king.

She becomes more submissive.

Her fantasies are fulfilled.

She will become more feminine.

You 10x your sex life.

You build a STRONG family unit.

Your life has more direction.

You get extremely focused.

You defeat doubt.

You aren't confused by cultures trends & media's agendas.

You naturally teach other men & become influential.

People follow you.

You care less of what people think of you.

You become mentally stronger & more aggressive.

You become stoic AF.

You aren't so emotional.

You live purposefully.

You live with honor.

You become a KING. 👑 
What You're Going To Get:
The Masculine Masterclass has ALL the videos you need to embrace your masculinity. 

You're going to get instant access to an entire 5 Hour video course that will walk you through the most critical steps into becoming a masculine man.

Video Course Includes:
  • War On Masculinity (3 videos)
  • *BONUS: Defeat P*rn For Good (4 videos + 1 pdf)
  • Embrace Masculinity (2 videos + 1 pdf)
  • Build A Masculine Presence (3 videos)
  • Mentality Of Manhood (5 videos + 1 pdf)
  • Choosing The Right Woman (7 videos)
  • Dominate The Bedroom [explicit] (8 videos)
  • Daddy Energy (3 videos)
  • *BONUS: Powerful Masculine Habits (11 videos)
  • FREE Lifetime Membership To: Masculinity+
  • FREE ACCESS to 'My Journals'

Who This Is For

This masterclass was built for any man who wants to maximize his masculinity & become 100x more attractive to his girl while becoming KING of his home.

This course will teach you how to build King-like masculine energy so you can become the ULTIMATE MAN.

To boost status. Unleash sexual masculine energy. And Build a strong family unit.


1. Guide you to become more masculine

2. Boost your masculine sexual energy

3. Help you perform better in bed

3. Allow you to feel more confident around girls/people

4. Make girls see you as a KING

5. Help you Talk/Walk/Look more masculine

6. Give you the necessary steps to overcome p*rn

7. Expose cultures agenda to destroy masculinity

8. Introduce you to traditional/biblical masculinity

9. Give you drive & laser-focus


1. Self-doubt & feeling of weakness

2. Eliminate all feminine tendencies & characteristics

3. Listening to stupid advice that YouTubers & bloggers constantly feed you

4. Get rid of all the mental effort in reading books & watching hours of misleading content
on how to become “attractive" & "masculine”

5. Sexual performance anxiety

6. Your lustful desire for p*orn

What You're Going To Get:

1. Masculinity 101 Module
($75 Value)

This is your red pill.

Exposing the war on masculinity & how to fight against it.

"A spiritual war is approaching
& your parents didn't prepared you for this. Your teachers didn't prepare you for this.

Media has been feeding you the blue pill & you've been mindlessly consuming it along with all their lies.

In this module I will wake you up & prepare you for the war that lies ahead.

2. BONUS: Defeating P*rn For Good

I am throwing this module into the masterclass as a BONUS. In this segment I discuss my wife & I's sexual experiences with P*rn & how it destroyed our sex life.

 I literally can't post this video on my YouTube channel because it's too explicit.
• • •
For 16 years I struggled with a massive p*rn addiction that destroyed my masculinity. 

I spent plenty of my hard earned money buying books & programs from all the top 'gurus', but it always led me back to square 1...

In my bathroom leaning over the toilet with my phone in 1 hand & my Johnson in the other.

I became depressed, reclusive, & insecure. I couldn't even get hard during sex because my mind was so distorted by p*rn.

*Includes 4 videos:

• My Wife & I's Pron Addiction (explicit)
• A.R.C. (3-part strategy video for defeating p*rn)

3. Embrace Masculinity
($195 Value)

In this module I will give you the tools to fully embrace your masculinity.

What took me years & years to learn, you will receive within 30-minutes of educational content.
• • •
"My journey to becoming more masculine has brought me through many ups & downs.

Throughout this process I've spent thousands & thousands of hours immersing myself into books & content that have helped me become my most-masculine self.

I’ve connected with dozens of the worlds Top Men's Life coaches who have taught me exactly what it means to be a real man.

I’ve boughten & taken courses from the best of the best, so I could equip you with the right tools & knowledge."

4. Build A Masculine Presence
($250 Value)

No matter how many videos I searched for online, not 1 single 'guru' or 'influencer' taught me how to actually have a masculine presence.

All I kept hearing was silly stuff like, "Take up space", "Stand up taller", "Speak louder", "Get a nice haircut", "wear a Vincero watch & get 20% off using my code!".

After all these years I realized these guys don't know JACK SQUAT about having real masculine energy.

In this 38-min 3-part video module I break it down quite simply, so you never have to listen to those tricky e-boy halfwits ever again.

*Includes 3 videos:

• How To Walk / Posture
• How To Talk / Converse
• How To Look Masculine

5. Mentality Of Manhood
($250 Value)

Becoming more masculine starts from the inside out. In other words, your mind.

In this 5-part module I get straight to the point.

I'll discuss how to fully transform your mind as a man.

Your family is 100% relying on you to KEEP IT TOGETHER & LEAD. And it all starts with your mindset.

• • •

I'll also discuss 'The Superhero's Attitude', which is a trick that has helped me through thick & thin. I don't know what I'd do without this simple little hack.

6. Choosing The Right Woman
($250 Value)

Choosing the right girl is the most important step on your road to masculinity. Having a queen by your side will multiply your masculinity 10x over.  

She will maximize your role as a man. She will allow you to lead her & be her king.

But the wrong girl will give you hell on earth. She will slice your balls off (metaphorically... & maybe literally). She will compete with you opposed to submit to you.

You could literally do everything I tell you in the masterclass & become your most masculine-self, but the wrong girl can destroy it all.

They have the power to make any man his weakest or his strongest. You want the type that makes you your strongest.

This module will give you a clear understanding of characteristics & traits in a woman that you will want to avoid at all costs.

7. Dominate The Bedroom
($250 Value)

Your goal is for your wife to look to you in awe, especially in the bedroom. Right?

THIS will be your guide.

You want your wife to satisfy all your sexual fantasies?

You want her to be infatuated with you & your performance?

Well, I've been able to achieve that.

In this module, I'll take you through the same exact steps that has allowed me to be the king in my chambers.

*And as a BONUS: I will also throw in an additional 3 videos discussing some of my sexual experiences & how I've been able to improve my pleasure in the bedroom.

8. Daddy Energy
($155 Value)

'Daddy energy' is more important in a relationship than you will ever know.

This will make your girl see you as the captain. She will begin to submit to you freely. But as a man, you must first show her who is KING.

But this isn't a quick gimmicky 5-step hack, it's a process. In this module I'll teach you everything you need to know to emit true daddy energy.

9. BONUS: Powerful Masculine Habits
($200 Value)

I asked my community of over 950,000+ subscribers, "What is the #1 thing you need most help with on your journey to becoming more masculine?"

I answered the top 11 most asked questions.

*Includes 11 BONUS Videos:

• How To Get Over Your Ex
• How Teens Can Embrace Their Masculinity
• How To Destroy Depression
• How To Stand Up For Yourself
• How To Deal With Loneliness
• How To Keep Composure
• How To Win Arguments Like A Top G
• How To Make More Money
• How To Be More Confident
• How To Approach Girls Like a King
• How To Boost Your Testosterone

10. FREE Lifetime Membership To: Masculinity+
($600 Value)

Masculinity+ is a membership program that you will have access to for a lifetime.
Yes... Completely for FREE.

With this bonus membership plan you will receive exclusive content from me not shown anywhere else.

***The road to becoming more masculine never ends. So as I continue my journey, whatever new things I learn along the way, I will share it with you in this membership.

Generally, I'll post 1-3 new videos every month. However there is no specific set schedule.

11. FREE ACCESS to 'My Journals'
(Digital Version)

When you purchase the Masculine Masterclass you will also gain LIFETIME ACCESS to my Weekly Journal Entries completely for free.

Every journal has a plethora of wisdom, guidance, & instruction on how to become your most masculine & powerful self.

Each entry can be read within 10-15 min & typically gets published every Sunday.

What You're Getting:

1. Masculinity 101 ($75 Value)

2. BONUS: Defeat P*rn For Good (Priceless)

3. Embrace Masculinity ($195 Value)

4. Build A Masculine Presence ($250 Value)

5. Mentality Of Manhood ($250 Value)

6. Choosing The Right Woman ($250 Value)

7. Dominate The Bedroom ($250 Value)

8. Daddy Energy ($155 Value)

9. BONUS: Powerful Masculine Habits ($200 Value)

10. FREE Membership: Masculinity+ ($600 Value)

11. FREE ACCESS to 'My Journals'


Obviously I'm NOT gonna charge you $2,225...

But if I did charge you $2,225, and all it did was set you up for LIFE, would it be worth it?

If all it did was allow your girl to see you as TOP G & want to submit to you, would it be worth it?

If all it did was show you how to be the most powerful, masculine, & focused version of yourself, would it be worth it?

If all it did was allow people to revere & respect you, would it be worth it?

• • •

I had 2 choices when I created this masterclass...

Option 1: I could create a quick 30-minute mini-course on masculinity & sell it for super cheap to boost my sales
Option 2: Take my time, create the most Epic 5-hour course that delivers ample value, but also requires a slightly higher investment on your side.

I decided to go with Option 2.


Because I don't want to sell to cheap customers. I don't want to sell to men who just want a quick fix to solve all their problems & the second things gets hard they quit.

 I want men who are SERIOUS.

Who are willing to invest the time to actually become High-Value.

Who understand that you don't win at life by shortcuts & hacks... but by digging deep & transforming your mind.

Selling at a higher value allows me to create masterclasses to the best of my ability. It allows me to invest more time, energy & resources to help guarantee your success as a man.

So if you became the most masculine version of yourself & your girl literally saw you as HER KING,
would that be worth it?

If you became the ultimate man God designed you to be & people saw you as a strong leader opposed to a weak, submissive, follower, would that be worth every penny?

How much would you pay to be THAT MAN, the one that is literally the most masculine in the room?

You can probably see why people pay thousands for a masterclass like this. It's not a cost, it's an investment.

Because you've invested this much time reading this page, this shows me that you are SERIOUS.

This shows me that you are Ready To Embrace Your Masculinity.

So I'm going to give you a very special offer...


Put Into Perspective...

Developing masculine characteristics & values took me a VERY long time. Years & years of my life.

So rather than you spending the next decade listening to stupid cliché advice on the internet that will just lead you astray...
You get everything I learned in 5-hours.

Remember, I went through a lot of pain trying to figure out what TO DO & what NOT TO DO.
Look at it this way...

My mentors typically charge anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 to attend their 3-day long men's seminar,
I'm bundling all the SAME EXACT information for just $98

I will literally teach you the SAME EXACT things & give you the SAME value (& more) that you'd learn from the top experts in the world.

How do I know this?

Because I've attended dozens of these seminars. I've read their books over & over.
I've became friends & have chatted with them personally. I've invested all the time & money so you don't have to.

So I will literally be saving you tens of thousands of dollars & countless hours of your time.
That's EXTREMELY VALUABLE if you expect to become successful & value your time highly.

This means that you will become your most masculine self way faster than it took me.

• • •


Most of my friends I grew up with are either in a terrible marriage that they wish they could get out of
or they are still single & completely lost, confused, & addicted.
Constantly getting cheated on & have no direction in their life. Feeling emasculated.

But as for me...

I'm ecstatically married, my wife literally fulfills all my sexual fantasies as often as I'd like, I make great money, I've got status, I have a major influence online, my friends all look to me as a mentor, I have goals & milestones I'm constantly hitting, I defeated my addictions, & I have a strong relationship with God that guides my every day life.

My cup runneth over...
All because I've fully embraced my masculinity.

And with all honesty, I can truly say... it feels very good bro.

My only goal now is for you to experience this too. You ready yet?

You've Got 2 Choices

You could either go on with your life, spend the next handful of years trying to figure out what it means to be a real man.

Watching lame YouTubers who keep giving the same stupid cliché advice, trying to explain what masculinity is but continue to lead you astray... You could keep reading those boring books that literally teach you what you already know.


You can choose to take this leap of faith & embrace your masculinity in the most powerful way possible.
Dre Drexler's Masculine Masterclass
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you want a refund, no problem. Just email me after taking the class
& I'll refund you, no questions asked.

The Real Question...

Is it worth gambling a few minutes of your time to check this out?

Even if it only does HALF of what I've claimed today, it will pay for itself as soon as you equipped yourself with the knowledge & wisdom that you will literally use for the rest of your life.

1. Masculinity 101 ($75 Value)

2. BONUS: Defeat P*rn For Good (Priceless)

3. Embrace Masculinity ($195 Value)

4. Build A Masculine Presence ($250 Value)

5. Mentality Of Manhood ($250 Value)

6. Choosing The Right Woman ($250 Value)

7. Dominate The Bedroom ($250 Value)

8. Daddy Energy ($155 Value)

9. BONUS: Powerful Masculine Habits ($200 Value)

10. FREE Membership: Masculinity+ ($600 Value)

11. FREE ACCESS to 'My Journals'

Total Value: $2,225

Today's Price: $98

Ask Yourself This Question In Your Mind:

Am I willing to give up on the #1 thing that will give me King-Like Swagger?

Am I willing to turn away & continue to be soft & impotent?

Isn't it time I try something new, learn from someone who's actually got the success I want?

Do I really want to give up on being my most masculine & attractive self?


1. Masculinity 101 ($75 Value)

2. BONUS: Defeat P*rn For Good (Priceless)

3. Embrace Masculinity ($195 Value)

4. Build A Masculine Presence ($250 Value)

5. Mentality Of Manhood ($250 Value)

6. Choosing The Right Woman ($250 Value)

7. Dominate The Bedroom ($250 Value)

8. Daddy Energy ($155 Value)

9. BONUS: Powerful Masculine Habits ($200 Value)

10. FREE Membership: Masculinity+ ($600 Value)

11. FREE ACCESS to 'My Journals'

Total Value: $2,225

Today's Price: $98

14 Day Refund request email:
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